@sureshpprabhu My booking quota got exhausted

Dear Suresh Prabhu,

I’m expecting to have a baby to my wife in the month of July/August. She wanted delivery to happen at her hospital known to her, she was with her mother, and I’m at different location. So I booked tickets for 3 consecutive weekends. My ticket quota got exhausted, now what I should do?

Our government had added features to help pregnant women, but husband is locked up because of following rules

  1. I can only book 6 tickets in a month 😦
  2. Women feel she will have good child birth, if Doctor is known to her mostly 🙂 .
  3. No one can know the child birth, untill unless Doctor want more money 😦
  4. Husband are employed in locations where he cannot have access to in-laws house by train mostly :(:(:(:(

Hope my quota will be changed again back to 10. So that I can be a happy parent and become good husband.

Thanks & Regards,


@sureshpprabhu My booking quota got exhausted


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