Delhi #pollution #Ban500 #1000Ban #AAP

Hello Dear Readers,

Arvind Kejriwal is fearing about ban on high denomination notes. Reasons are

1. AAP Black Money

2. Pollution in Delhi

Yeah it’s true, internal sources are telling these two are reasons.

1st one is common across politicians and real estate business man.

2nd one is Pollution in Delhi, because of this change who ever having black money will need to burn them because it’s black money, so most corrupt politicians are settled in Delhi. Since they cannot change it to white they will burn.

They cannot take out of Delhi, because rides will be in progress and they cannot convert since it’s income from unknown source, resolution. Burn it.

Now the pollution in Delhi is so high and if these politicians start burning currency notes, pollution will increase in Delhi and now it becomes pollution plus.

Delhi #pollution #Ban500 #1000Ban #AAP


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