Family business at loss?

With the latest rules, family business is at loss. Common not loss, but business type is changed.

With the plan of digitization we need to pay tax. Usually in Bharath people only pay money as form of taxes are only employed middle class + very few business man. Other avoid taxes or pay taxes but get back the money in form of less purchase price and more re sale price.

The only problem with cash less is money goes in to central system, and mostly states will be affected, because transaction charges taxes will be payed only to the state where the central server is present. It’s humble request that there shall not be central server concept but state server concept.

Dear PM please do this else, even the transaction’s are done at state, states get nothing out of it and states will again levy VAT or state tax.

State tax will make common man having more trouble. It’s my humble request again please have servers in state rather at central.

Family business at loss?


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