Do I know demonetisation information in Advance?

Algorithmically Yes. Really No.

How did I arrive at this point?

1. Even people know there are some land sales with selling price of 1 crore and documentation only 10 lacks people didn’t reveal.

2. Even people know the Micro finance institutions are giving money for interest rate of 10 per day(yes 10 per day) people didn’t complain.

3.Even people know money is being hidden in Gunny bags people didn’t inform IT officials.

4. Many bank officials know Merchants have two ITR’s one with loss other with profit, and Bank’s didn’t complain to CRISIL about them.

5. Many teachers get the money for buying school asserts from shops, but show owners didn’t inform to Govt.

These are few

Now other parts of pre indications from Govt

1. Government had started Gold bonds

2. Government had started High interest bonds.

3. Government had asked people to link various cards into one.

4. Government asked people to declare unaudited money.

Now obviously the final option is what I remember is about Janatha government, demonetisation!

So I know it in advance. But I expected it will be 31st March 2017, not mid of November because after 31st March people cannot create bills for last year!

If I’m BJP worker and know the info in advance why would I post in public websites like Amazon, think with common sense!

Point to be noted I’m the first person got affected by demonetisation, I had withdrawn 2*1000 Rs notes on 6th of November to get repair of TV service at my home!

Do I know demonetisation information in Advance?


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