funny MF structure #icicidirect

ICICI charges 100 rs if your mutual fund investment is less than 8 Lacks for lump sum, but they have only regular plans.
Yes it’s too much if you are using this platform for tax savings, once again ICICI proved it only works for large money people.

Some might be feeling, I’m against ICICI direct, but you search in net for ICICI direct pro’s and con’s you will be surprised to see many are on same platform as me.

Why ICICI direct cannot provide the funds with any price:

Firs letus understand the difference b/w regular and direct funds
regular is like going to MF company and invest, direct is take help from broker and invest.
When and how much they pay commission, I’m not aware of this but it’s only approximately 1% of your profit or investment(depends on MF’s companies)
Which is not sufficient for ICICIDirect.

Next I will write why I’m sticking to it.

funny MF structure #icicidirect


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