Looks like #BJP Govt wants more family system than corporate system!

Many times I have a confusion does party at centre has no power than IAS people.

May be true or false I’m not sure, but recent past decisions took by ruling party are not favouring people.

But some look like they want live by family and live with family. Which is a wrong agenda of corporate sector.


If you live with family you shall not pay multi level GST.


If I eat food out side

I need to pay GST for

  1. Cost of food
  2. Indirectly cost of transport

  3. Indirectly cost of bank laid GST on swiping machine.

If I eat at home

I don’t need to pay more other than cooking expences.

Today some body indicated price of idly is costlier,but as far as I know it’s only for rich because they want to eat hygienic. As far as I know even today cost of 2 idlys is 10 only.


Statement of corporate press is I will buy idly at 70 rs even its 10rs but I shall not pay income tax or GST

Looks like #BJP Govt wants more family system than corporate system!


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