#lovestory of #airtel customer

Once upon a time there is an Airtel customer.

When he purchased the sim he got very good network coverage, he blamed other network providers for non reliable network.

2 months passed his phone network coverage gone bad, at the same place where he gets 4g now 3g comes and it’s slower than 3g.

He complaints again 2 months it works fine.

Again same problem.

So whenever he calls same lady used to resolve the problem.

It happened for 1 year finally the lady comes to him face to face and tells the truth

When he complained he is moved preferred customer list and later some one else complain the see very frequent user non preferred customer in preferred customer list and removes him.

This is a cyclic process. So is why after your complain your phone works else not.

Our job is to convey users that their handset has problem(if we don’t find preferred slot not available) As hand set service center is not nearby he feels he need to live with this problem.

Later when he buys new phone he feels good service in back end we will get notification that he changed sim to new device by that time we have time to remove one more customer.

You night have question about why supreme court rule not followed.

We can tell same reasons because supreme court cannot read the preferred non preferred customer info.

Then both decided he will switch to other service provider and she resign her job of cheating .

After a month the freed up Airtel from their life and married happily, lived together.

Thanks to Airtel

#lovestory of #airtel customer

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