Story of stock market season 2

season 1

Now season 2 ₹ value is high or low share price doesn’t change.

Because I assume it’s where you can hide black 💰.

If unstable government comes 🏦 shares goes down, because the NPA, Will be more.

If stable government comes real-estate shares rises because government will ensure projects for their relatives.(of course not for divided quid pro quo)

Note: I never lost money on an average in shares game.

Yes I am writing this note because immediate answer by so called experts is I don’t know how it works?

Following questions I need answers by experts

Why you have stop loss when share is expected to go high, don’t answer because some people want to book profits.

Why yesterday positive trending becomes negative trending today?

Why share price goes high when company is in loss?

Why company declares dividend on face value not current value?

Story of stock market season 2


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