Your G Suite Referral Programme monthly summary

G Suite Referral Programme

To help you stay up to date on your referrals, we’ll provide you with this monthly email, which contains information about your referrals, paid accounts and coupons.

So far, you haven’t earned any rewards from your referral activity. Remember, payments are based on US $7.50 per user. Have a look at your summary below for more details.

Your Referral Summary*
Referrals currently signed up for their 14-day trial using your unique referral link.
Referrals that have recently become paying G Suite customers. Once these referrals reach 120 days as a paying G Suite customer with at least 1 user, you will be eligible for payment.
Referrals you will be paid in the coming month**. These referrals have been paid G Suite customers for more than 120 days and you are now eligible for payment.
Total number of referrals you have been paid on. They have been paid G Suite customers for at least 120 days.
Need more tools to refer G Suite? Click here
Your Promotion Codes*
You have 2 promotion codes to share. Here’s a sample:
Unused IN Code | Expires 01/2019
Unused IN Code | Expires 01/2019
Each promotion code provides 20% off the first year. Provide your referrals with one code per domain, so that they can get a discount on their G Suite account. Each code may only be redeemed once, but you can request additional ones as you refer.
Spread the word
about G Suite and share your referral link:
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View full terms and conditions. See our terms for more details.

*Note: this information is for reference only. Referrals made in the past seven days may not appear in your current dashboard and will be reflected in the following month. Data may change due to customer activity.

**For first-time referrals, payments will be paid out once the payment form and any necessary tax forms have been submitted.

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This email was sent to because you indicated that you’d like to receive reports and notifications about the G Suite Referral Programme. If you don’t want to receive such emails in the future, please unsubscribe here.

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Your G Suite Referral Programme monthly summary


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