What is real togetherness? @KissanIndia #RealTogetherness

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Other place is my Blog. Every time I go to a party, I see people of different states of mind coming to party and enjoy their meal and leave. Now the state of mind is changing, either because of old values of live together and save our relations is coming back.

I have seen days where no catering is present to a day with out catering no function is present. But now I’m again seeing no catering based days, but of course at different times.

If no catering is present you will find what more different skills you have will come out.

If no catering is present you will stop spending more time on make up and spend more time on what guests require.

In a event of get togetherness with out catering, following will be the priorities(which changes on need basis)





Managing guests

Make up that’s apt for event.

Organizing the event.

Every event is never planned 100%, we only discuss what needs to be done before the event. So we will choose one Organizer, but on the day  of event the organizer changes his roles or organizer will follow up the people’s suggestions. Organizer will try to sync up with most of the people.

Next coming to parenting, I never seen a party where parents only do parenting activities, I had seen kids also take up parenting. When ever together events starts parents used to leave kids to enjoy their free time from books and kids will be organizing their events some times consulting organizer or they them self find place to play. Most of the times there will be very less necessity of involvement of actual parents, they them self resolve the problems.

Event organizers or togetherness event organizer will plan the schedule ? no never it’s the choice of guests. Guests can choose the game they want to play, but within the premises of the event. There will be often drop outs and replaced by others who are free at that time.

Cooking, this is the best of the quarrel time, which will be done by both men and women, even though there will be plan of selection of items planned, there will be a change at the spot based on either availability of resource or suggestion from guests or based on the sudden spontaneous idea by guests in order to accumulate more food to the un expected sudden guests availability at the event. Some times there will be serving of un cooked food to guests as to make their appetite good. Some times there will be quarrel with in the family members as un planned introduction or missing plan, but that fight ends usually with a common proposal to make a new dish by the cook or the people cooking. That will be funny or that will turn into serious event which makes people or guests to make a barrage b/w them. Like films they will not be separated by guests.  No guest ever tries to separate the people quarrelled. If possible they accommodate the ingredients required to planned item to ensure both will be happy. But some times happiness comes at cost, that is not accountable.

Cleaning, usually there will be staff, but mostly will be used to be done by the organizers and during the events people over there them self will drop the waste in appropriate places. Will be collected by the panchayats.  But here mostly in-organized way, because no one even now ready to accept waste recycling, they only look at dumping it. This is something which is not resolved from ages 😦 . But mostly the event place will be clean.

Managing guests, which is a real big task, because  they should be arranged place to stay, in our village we have many of our relations, so when guests are planned to be coming for any event we will arrange the guest house in our relatives houses it self so that no guest will be needed to pay for his allowance. If guest needs something like tablets will be arranged by us usually, as you know guest has come to make you happy. We will arrange transportation to the event location or the guests will come by their own transportation.

Make up, now a days it’s done by beauty parlour at the cost of main people disappearing from the place for hours :(, but in our days usually make up will be done by the guests or the hosts, so introduction to guests happens well before the event than on the event time. Also there will be guests who suggest the beauty spot or suggest even the best ways to make up.

In the event there will be many topics discussed often on politics to the real estate, or pulses to health or people to relations or prizing to pride or kid to parenting or material to relations or religion to theist. there will be no topic which misses event.

So event if misses organizer from guest is not a get together, it’s an event of pride. So organize event which has guest as host. Have like

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What is real togetherness? @KissanIndia #RealTogetherness


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